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The Story Behind the Za*Zen Recovery Pillow


Before I begin, let me start by expressing that here at Made In Santa Cruz®, veterans and military servicemen hold a special place in our hearts. So much so, that we've dedicated a part of our store in honor of our servicemen. We call it the Recovery Chair, and it's where the Recovery Pillow magic happens! When store owner Dohna Dunderdale meets a service member she invites them to sit down in the Recovery Chair. She puts one of our warm or cool Recovery Pillows across their shoulders and gives them a customized mini massage. Afterwards she presents him or her with a very special decal that we designed ourselves and she says, "see these five stars, that's what we think of you!" The session usually begins with "oohs and ahhs" and ends with heartfelt hugs. We are proud to say that the Recovery Pillow is changing the quality of life for our military serviceman one experience at a time.

The Recovery Pillow is the creation of Made In Santa Cruz owner Dohna Dunderdale. A child of the Sixties, certified massage therapist, and mother of two, Dohna was searching for a way to help her friends and family afflicted by war. One day while receiving a massage, her therapist pulled something out of the microwave and laid it across her back. It was warm and weighted and felt delightful, then an idea emerged. She could create a therapeutic aid to relieve body pain and reduce symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After many months of trials and prototypes she finally had it! She called it the Recovery Pillow.

The Recovery Pillow was made especially for veterans but has endless applications that benefit everyone. Dohna designed the Recovery Pillow with sewn in channels which allow the pillow to be large and flexible and to comfortably fit any area on the body including: head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, lap, legs, knees and feet. Then she strategically weighted it with whole grain rice grown in Woodland, California and mixed in aromatic lavender grown locally from Bonny Doon Farms.

Over 62,000 Recovery Pillows Sold!

We've created the perfect blend for the Recovery Pillow, and the proof is in the pudding, I mean pillow. With over 70,000 Recovery Pillows sold to date and many to loyal repeat customers, it's clear that the Recovery Pillow works in relieving aches, pains, stress, and improving quality of life.