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Instructions for Using Your Za*Zen Recovery Pillow

Our Za*Zen Recovery Heating Pad & Cooling Pad is designed to be used both hot and cold. You heat the pillow using a microwave or oven, and chill it using a freezer. Please follow the directions written below for further heating and cooling instruction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Heating Instructions

Fold pillow in half and heat in clean microwave for 1-3 minutes depending on your microwave strength. Use of rotating carousel is recommended, be sure pillow and carousel and turning freely while heating. Otherwise manually rotate after each 2 minute heating. Reheat for 1 to 2 minutes as necessary. Deep heat lasts 20 minutes and longer.

Oven: Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Fold in half tucking the excess fabric underneath. Place in oven bag for 7-9 minutes. Stays warm for 30 minutes or more. The lavender buds are most fragrant the first time you heat it, and mellow with each heating.

Caution: contents will be hot. Do not place on your skin if too hot. If irritation or discomfort occurs stop using immediately. Heating for too long may result in damage.

Cooling Instructions

Freezer: Seal in the ziplock bag provided and place in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. When ready, remove the pillow from the plastic bag and apply directly to your body. Stays cold for 30 minutes or more.

Caution: Storing in the freezer without using a plastic bag will cause it to absorb any odors of the freezer.

Contents will be cold. If irritation or discomfort occurs stop using immediately.


Contents may be extremely hot. Do not overheat. Do not place on skin if the contents are too hot. Do not use on infants. Do not add oils or sprays onto the fabric. 

Storage Instructions

To store your Recovery Heating & Cooling Pad when not in use, please seal in the ziplock bag provided or any resealable bag.

Cleaning Instructions

Caution: Keep dry at all times, do not allow it to get wet. Do not microwave if wet. Do not spray or add any liquids, perfumes or oils onto the fabric.

If you need to clean your Recovery Pillow, please spot clean by hand only. Lightly dampen a cloth with water and rub the area that needs to be cleaned. If possible, avoid getting the rice wet. Then immediately dry with a hair dryer until the cloth and the contents are completely dry. Do not allow for it to stay damp for more than a few minutes. The rice inside will begin to absorb the moisture.

100% Recyclable! Eco*Flex

When you've reached the lifespan of your Recovery Heating & Cooling Pad, simply cut open the fabric bottom and place the rice contents in the compost or Green Bin. The 100% cotton fabric will decompose when disposed of in your normal trash bin. And the ziplock bag itself is reusable and recyclable. Feel good about purchasing or gifting a Recovery Pillow because it is 100% recyclable and the carbon foot print use to hand make this product is minimal, especially when compared to the electric heating pad. In fact, our goal is to replace the plastic, wired heating pad that is made in China with our Recovery Pillow. In a small way, we help to bring manufacturing back to the USA by creating home-based jobs here in Santa Cruz County.