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Our Partners

We proudly partner with local non-profits and organizations serving the Santa Cruz community in support of our wounded veterans. We support these programs through the donation of Recovery Pillows as a medical and therapeutic aid to assist in the recovery of veterans. Programs such as these help to get Recovery Pillows in the hands of veterans in need. Please consider supporting these programs or donating a Recovery Pillow to a veteran. For more information, please contact us.

Holistic Veterans
Holistic Veterans, Santa Cruz, Ca.

Our mission is to offer a diversity of programs and supportive services that will help veterans cultivate and nurture pathways to self-sustaining practices that help them live harmoniously within themselves, towards others, and within nature.

We have assembled a world wide educated staff that is putting their hearts where their mouths are. We have taken on the task to show the world how to heal the veterans of all countries and all wars at minimal cost. If we truly want peace in the world, it must start with the warriors. We will teach and treat them with holistic practices so they may return to their homes as peaceful warriors with knowledge to share in their communities.

Operation Surf Santa Cruz
Operation Surf, Santa Cruz, Ca.

Operation Surf came into existence as a result of one wounded hero’s desire to learn to surf. Now, we are helping more heroes than ever. Participants of our program experience a decrease in PTSD symptoms by 36%, a decrease in depression by 47%, and an increase in self-efficacy by 68%.

Operation Surf is an epic, life-changing adventure for our wounded veteran and active duty military heroes. Our program is one of a kind, bringing participants directly to our events within supportive coastal communities, and exposing them to the healing power of the ocean through adaptive surfing taught by world-class instructors. This weeklong, all-inclusive event provides an environment where participants work to overcome perceived limitations connected to their physical and psychological disabilities.